Im just a girl

Love life you don't need makeup you are perfect just the way you are

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1998 was the year i was born 

Talk about my life


asking your hairdresser for a trim and they cut too much:

Happen to me all the time 

Talk about my life 

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Talk about my life

Do you ever, just lay in bed , and think of perfect scenarios , That you know, Will never happen.

That is so true 

You know what sucks . When your best friend get a boy friend and you all alone with no one to hang out with . Then you think you have other friend but you don’t because they have summer plan .

finally a part two


School is over

I’m happy to say school over for the year. I can’t believe my freshmen year is over . Lets hope i pass all my class . Today was my last final and i hope i pass because i don’t want go to summer school . I had a great year it did had it up and down ,but i may some new friend this year and they are awesome i also still friends with my friend from last year .Now i only have three year left of high school and crazy to think i’m going up . Now i’m started to think about collage what collage i’m going tocollage me going to collage. What i can’t believe that but now it summer and now it time to have fun.